Houfy allows
with the owners of vacation rentals!

Houfy (pronounced How-Fee)

Houfy stands for HOUse For You. Houfy is a vacational rental listing site the allows direct communication between the owners and guests prior to any payment being made. Guests who book through Houfy will never pay a service fee. All of the major Online Travel Agency (OTA) sites now charge the guests a fee to complete a booking. To prevent the owners from avoiding the service fees, the OTAs limit the information sharing between the owners and guests, ie the guest phone number and email address is blocked from their communication systems. This has made it difficult for the guests to get questions answered since they can’t simply call the owner to ask them. Now guests must complete the booking to get access to the owners telephone numbers.

Houfy was created by a vacation rental owner that still wanted to be able to talk directly with potential guest and allow them to #BookDirect.

We encourage you to visit www.Houfy.com to book your next vacation rental.