We provided the Myrtle Beach Tide Chart site as a courtesy to the visitors of beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach Tide Chart/Graph

To see the tidal table for Myrtle Beach, click here.

Myrtle Beach Weather Forecast

During our many stays in Myrtle Beach, we had to visit multiple websites to get the weather forecast and tidal information. As a result, we created the Myrtle Beach Tide Chart website  to make it easier/quicker for us to get this information. Hopefully, it will help other residents/visitors in Myrtle Beach to get all of the tide/weather information that they desire from a easy to remember URL.

NOAA Weather Station

The NOAA weather station at the Springmaid Pier is located 1/2 mile south of Ocean Blue Myrtle Beach. This is the closest weather station to our vacation rental condos.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Please click the About tab to get more information about our oceanfront vacation rentals. We own two 5 bedroom oceanfront vacation rentals in Ocean Blue Myrtle Beach.

If we don’t have availability or our condos don’t suit your needs, please visit Houfy.

Houfy is a new vacation rental listing site that allows direct communications between the owners and renters. It was created as a result of the frustrations caused by the large listing sites restricting communications between the owners and renters. Sometimes it is easier to talk on the phone with the owner instead of messaging them.  The owner may want to provide a link to a restaurant, area attraction, etc. Presently, this is not possible with the major listing sites until after a property is booked. Even after booking, some information sharing is still restricted. Due to the major sites charging booking/service fees, they limit some forms of communications to ensure they get their service fee. Houfy doesn’t restrict communications!